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Mobile Payment Trends in 2016


This year is a busy one for mobile payments and commerce industry. Companies are taking advantage of the marketing opportunities that are being offered by mobile platforms. Big dataIn the mobile payment industry, the consumer is very much in the driver’s seat and dictate how the industry behaves. Marketers are much involved in the mobile messaging taking advantage of platforms such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. There is a plan by Facebook to enhance the non-traditional marketing opportunities within its messenger service. This is a move that will have real ramifications in how retailers advertise using their mobile payment apps.Read article

The Future of Mobile Wallets


Mobile payments have been said to be the next big thing and for a while now. brandSince the mobile device revolution, experts predicted the end of using traditional wallets and utilization of payment systems integrated into our cell phones. Since then, we have come to realize these achievements in mobile wallets by the use of popular mobile wallets like PayPal, Apple pay, and Google wallet. Innovation and creativity increase every year with these products. It is, therefore, safe to say that mobile wallets have brilliant futures.Read article

Top 5 Mobile Wallets Dominating the Market Today


There are new and evolving shopping patterns that continue to reshuffle the mobile payment industry. google walletA mobile wallet is a virtual wallet that allows one to store cash for making online and offline payments, be it electronics, Phones, residential roofing materials or any other commodity that can be bought online. Electronic portfolios offer a better solution to those who want to consolidate their many cards from traditional wallets that we use in our daily life. It can be quite challenging to find the best wallet app due to the different features that define these applications. Most mobile wallets are free to acquire and download. This makes use of these wallets a better and viable option.

This article looks at the top 6 mobile wallet payments that define mobile payments today.Read article

Top Challenges Facing Mobile Wallets Today.


Mobile Payments are an increasingly growing area of commerce that is being fueled by mobile wallets. Smartphone adoption trends and the growth of e-commerce have added the much-needed vigor to this upcoming

Enter the new buzz in town M-commerce. The Kenyan innovation which began the M-commerce craze is now world renown, M-Pesa. As customers depend increasingly on their cell phones, M-commerce will incorporate a bigger part of e-commerce. The numbers coming E commerce are impressive. One out of every four transactions is done using a Smartphone.

This article will highlight the top challenges that have accosted M-Commerce in its ascent to the top.Read article

The Success or Downfall of Mobile Wallet Payments


Mobile Wallet Payments have come a long way. In the 90s wallets used to be the in thing. There would be long queues at the local bank. Bundles of cash would be stashed in wallets as people sped off to pay their bills. The rest was left in an

Not any longer. Teller jobs at the banks are quickly being replaced by self-service mobile wallet systems. Nobody wants to babysit your money today. Control has been given back to the customer.Read article

How Mobile Payments can Help Businesses Grow


The way people shop is evolving while online payments dominating the market. Enabling your clients make payments by phone is easier than you think and can significantly help improve sales and customer loyalty. Setting up a mcardsobile payment is quite easy. You only need to find a ‘wallet’ and use your phone to set up the account and make payments. You can quickly retrieve and access your financial data when shopping for goods and services. Businesses are trying their best to provide customers with better mobile checkout solutions to facilitate smooth transactions.Read article

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Wallets


The concept of money keeps evolving over time. Back in the day, cash was king and people used to walk around in wallets full of banknotes and coins. ATMs gained popularity, and the age of plastic money began. Credit cards and Debit Cards were

It didn’t end here. With the advent of the phone, money has gone mobile. Mobile wallets such as Google Wallet and Lemon Wallet are trending. A mobile wallet keeps your online money safe behind an online platform. E-commerce and other online exchanges can be easily made in seconds.

This article handles a few reasons for and against having a mobile walletRead article

Types of Mobile Wallets Payments and Technologies


mobile walletsMobile wallets are the most hyped type of mobile payment. Using Mobile Wallets is more convenient than cash. It is less likely for people to forget their phone than their wallet. Using Near Field Communication technology you can pay for stuff much like you would your Debit Card. Smart phones can also be used to process credit card transactions. This ability is valuable for organizations and business people mainly sales representatives on the go.

This article will talk about the types of mobile wallets payments and corresponding technologies.Read article

What is Mobile Wallet Technology?


Rubber_band_walletMobile wallets are the digital equivalence to the physical wallets we have today. They are the traditional versions of traditional wallets that we carry in our pockets. Mobile wallets make bill payments to be easy and secure by use of mobile phones. Technologies employed in mobile wallets enable banks and other financial institutions to connect with customers in the rural areas in the transfer of funds.Read article